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Grow your business with the IdeAtics pdi Platform

Grow your business with IdeAtics

With the IdeAtics pdi Platform on the cloud, physical products are connected to a digital identity for the public domain. The platform provides each QR-code or NFC-chip with a patented digital identity – the public digital identity (pdi) . For each product the identity is unique and can be read frictionless by every modern mobile device around the world. This creates a new digital channel between manufacturers and supply chain partners, authorities and above all customers. This generates new sources of data, new insights in customers, products and logistics and generates most importantely new ways of doing business! Learn morP

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What can the IdeAtics pdi Platform do for you?

You can start with either one of the three themes of the value proposition to support the business case for adoption of public digital identities (pdi’s*) from the IdeAtics pdi Platform. From there you can further optimize the business case by extending into the other themes of the value proposition. Read more about the solutions

Shape digital products

Create trusted digital identities for the public domain with a wealth of product information. Protect the brand across the world in an effortless way at a scale of billions of mobile devices.

Ship anywhere

Develop supply chain integrity with data science & intelligence applied to your products. Resulting in traceability& visibility throughout the supply chain and compliancy with the authorities. Delivering Enterprise scale product data management for billions of unique items, during the full product life cycle.

Share to connect

Build direct customer relationships, grow lifetime product value and collect customer data by transforming your products into an engagement channel. This to increase sales and improve service.

Our services

IdeAtics pdi Platform

The IdeAtics pdi Platform runs on a secure cloud providing an end-2-end solution. It is multi-tenant and allows you to leverage your own brand. No need to install software, as our solutions are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Business Design

Your business case is leading, Technology is supportive, but necessary to create a strong basis for success. Our solutions are often embedded in the corporate IT environment. this is where our expertise comes in. We don’t stop at solution design. We also create and integrate the platform we design with you.


We understand that every company has its specific use cases and requirements. The IdeAtics pdi Platform is developed with these many ambitions in mind. We can add customer specific functionality as required. These functions become automatically available in the (NFC) smartphone App in the look-and-feel of your company.


A typical NFC application contains components like NFC tags, high speed NFC encoders, NFC readers, our pdi Platform with interfaces to different data sources and a smartphone NFC App environment. Implementing these require many different expertise areas all of which we provide, ensuring an effective and efficient implementation.


We deliver the right hardware to make the IdeAtics pdi Platform work. The hardware includes suitable tags, included in address labels or ‘standalone’ tags, secure NFC android terminals, NFC scanners, tag readers and writers.

Service & Support

New and enhanced functionality to the pdi platform and apps are constantly added by our development team. 3rd party functionality can be easily added through the flexible design of our pdi Platform and apps. This to create a rich application environment and user experience.

Latest cases


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