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Develop supply chain integrity with data science intelligence applied to your products. Resulting in traceability throughout the supply chain and compliancy with the authorities. Delivering Enterprise scale product data management for billions of unique items, during the full product life.

We love to work with your product engineers, your branding and marketing teams, your technology departments and more stakeholders depending on the case at hand. Read how we do that.  

Demand sensing

Bridge the latency in the supply chain of customer demand directly to the manufacturer. In the current supply chains it takes several steps and associated elapsed time for actual market demand to end up withe the manufacturer. This is caused by the fact that each trading party in the supply chain performs its own demand and supply planning, at different levels of aggregation.

In combination with the business case that supports digital marketing (share) and product authentication (shape), there is a case for the supply chain to obtain direct customer feedback and data from the point of sales and the aftercare. The data that are generated can be fed directly in the enterprise supply chain forecasting systems of the manufacturer, providing direct sensing of the demand.

The business benefit is the prevention of the wrong product (variation) being produces, as the production is directly and immediately influenced by actual demand. As a consequence the total load on the end-to-end supply chain is being reduced, leading to less waste and cost. .

The indirect benefit is that the supply chain as a whole is characterized as more sustainable, which is a differentiating factor in the customer engagement (see share).


Blockchain acts as a general ledger of digital transactions. As the IdeAtics pdi platform enables product to become digital, as a consequence they also generate digital transactions. IdeAtics works with these  blockchain based general ledgers. So if you are already embarked on on blockchain journey, the IdeAtics pdi platform can further strengthen the business benefits of this investment. In case you consider to apply blockchain technology to your supply chain, you can work together with the team of IdeAtics to design the right solution.

The combination of IdeAtics pdi platform and blockchain technology can help to solve long standing problems in the global supply chain. Lack of visibility on where goods are in the supply chain causes cost of search to find out and is slow. The financial representation of where goods are in the supply chain is based on cumbersome and inaccurate processes, leading to issues in the corporate governance. The so-called smart contracts that are running on a block chain based supply chain resolves that lack of transparency.

The smart contracts are shared between the parties that exist in the supply chain, with associated roles and responsibilities. The incentive to participate is that fulfilling the responsibilities is conditional for the supply chain to move forward. And secondly the status of the transactions are visible to all participants in the supply chain. The combination with the public digital identity allows for an easy-to-use initiation of these transactions, and is by definition completely digital – with hardware that is widely available and suitable: the modern iOS, Android or Windows mobile device with camera (in case of QR) or built in RFID reader (in case of NFC).

Because the blockchain in combination with public digital identities is fully digital, secure and global, it allows for automated invoicing and payments of invoices. That implies that the overall cashflow of the supply chain improves and that the cash burden of that supply chain comes down. This results in a combination of better margins and more competitive prices for customers,