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Solutions for digital business in the physical world

Shape digital product, ship anywhere and share to connect. 

The power of integrating QR’s or NFC’s in a physical product and connecting to a blockchain ledger is unleashing a whole new way of doing business. At IdeAtics we have learned that there are three major business value areas. 

In practise we see that the business case of a mix of these three business areas. To assess these individually and decide which case is targted as prime, heps in the development and execution. It supports you to take the right decisions along the way, to communicate with your stakeholders, and measure success. It is recommendable to take one case as a starting point and then evolve from there.

Provide each single physical product with a public digital identity, embedded in a QR code or in a NFC tag. 


Shape – where you create a digital identity for the physical product with the main purpose to secure the authenticity of the product and provide a low-tech means of verifying across the globe with tens of millions of devices, that are able to check that authenticity. The business case is primarily on brand protection and preventing fake.



As supply chain become more complex and more fine grained reaching individual customers, the public digital identity provides full supply chain visibility and dynamic transactions.

Ship – with the rise of e-commerce, the supply chains become much more complicated and more fine grained. The need to provide supply chain transparency to the stakeholders in the chain all the way up to the individual consumer, require highly portable means of identification and a frictionless means of performing transactions. The business case is primarily driven by cost reductions and optimization of the typical supply chain parameters, such as time-to-fill, inventory levels and so on.

Because every customer with a recent mobile device on iOS or Android can read QR’s and NFC’s, they can connect with the digital world of each individual physical product.

Share – is the area of digital marketing. The public digital identity is providing a new channel in the marketing mix, to be able to communicate with the customer. It is the first time that a manufacturer can create a enduring relationship with a end user, with the possibility to leverage digital marketing techniques and best practices. The business case is supported by creating a greater value for the end user, and the ability to create and protect a premium brand experience and associated margins.