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Build direct customer relationships, grow lifetime value and collect customer data by transforming your products into a direct engagement channel to increase sales and improve service. 

We love to work with your product engineers, your branding and marketing teams, your technology departments and more stakeholders depending on the case at hand. Read how we do that.

In the world of digital marketing the possibilities of enriching products with a public digital identity on NFC tags or QR codes are creating a huge opportunity to extend the channels and intensify the customer relation and empathy. 

Product transparency

Customers are demanding more and more transparency of the products they consider to buy. That means companies are starting to lose business to competitors that provide such transparency. If you want to position your brand as transparent then you need to solve the challenge of connecting a large and dynamic amount of information to each of your individual physical products. 

IdeAtics pdi platform provides that solution. Each product is shaped with a unique digital public identity, that is physically linked to the product by an NFC tag, or by a QR code. You can read more on making decisions on our information section. On the IdeAtics pdi platform you connect the unique product data to the sources from your supply chain, via the powerful integration capabilities of the platform.


Allow your customers to create or use their account with your company to connect the public digital identities of their products. Depending on your marketing strategy you can choose whether the transparency, transaction and advocacy are accessible with or without accounts. You can also consider to change the ratio of what is possible with and without account over time. This is a common strategy in driving adoption in the market.


While you are increasing the brand experience of your product and  developing individual customer relationships with the users of your product, there is a wealth of data being generated at the same time. The IdAtics pdi Platform collects these data streams straight for the apps and browsers that are used by these customers. The platform allows these data to stream directly in your enterprise datalake, data warehouse or BI enviromnent and harden you customer insights as never before. Only there where algorithms are used for the performance of the platform, the IdeAtics pdi Platform leverages the data. Anyway the data are owned by you and are managed based on your data privacy protocols.


Customers want to perform transactions that are linked to the product direcly on their mobile device. The transactions can range from ordering spareparts, to reading user manuals, returning shipments, booking appointments for service or repairs. The options are endless and depending on your specific business


While your customer are surfing the public digital identity of their product, they can help you to link to the social channels. This allows you to develop individual feedback cycles, with enriched information as you get to know exactly for what product, in what part of the world, at what time the feedback was posted. Simultaneously these functionalities of the IdeAtics pdi Platform integrate with your existing social media platforms, and the associated digital marketing strategy these support. 

New digital channels

The possibilities of applying public digital identities in the area of digital marketing are clear. The way they can enhance your business may not be that obvious and straight forward. Considerations on what technology to use, which use cases to start with, to oversee the business case and how to implement at scale are examples of questions to be addressed. 

The IdeAtics team is inspired by every case that is coming forward from any industry, for any business challenge. We are eager to work with you and develop solutions that take the best of the IdeAtics pdi Platform and apps, and address your unique business case.