IdeAtics pdi Platform

Multi tenant

The IdeAtics pdi platform is a cloud based multi tenant environment. That implies that the functional code is shared, so you benefit from every new capability that is developed. On the other hand the data is separated and encrypted, so your data stays yours and is protected. That brings as a benefit that you leverage the latest functionalities that the market requires for smart products in each of the key business areas of shape, ship and share.

White label

The IdeAtics pdi Platform is designed in such a way that you can apply your own branding in every interaction the platform has with users, irrespective their role. That applies to colour setting, typography and logo’s. That means that you have access to a corporate branded business asset, that increase the intrinsic value of your company, without large upfront investments

Enterprise grade

The IdeAtics pdi Platform is enterprise grade, which means that it is scaleable, performant and secure. The platform leverages latest cloud technologies and is secure by design. Modern cloud capabilities make platforms elastic. This means that with increased workloads it automatically increases memory, compute and networking resources. The benefit for your is that you are assured that you can always serve your customers and business partners with enterprise grade characteristics. 

Open and secure

The IdeAtics pdi Platform is designed to be integrated in your existing application and cloud landscape. The platform adds a unique capability to your products and generates volumes of valuable data. At the same time you master the key product data in your enterprise systems. Our data strategy is that the IdeAtics pdi Platform is slave to your Master Data, and pushes all raw data to your datalake, datawarehouse or BI environments. We only use the data that the platform generates to feed algorithms that need to be performed at the edge of the platform. The benefit of this strategy is that the platform fits into most enterprise architecture frameworks, supporting associated requirements for data management, integration patterns and security requirements.

Mobile apps and clients

The IdeAtics pdi Platform comes with a set of apps for different user groups. There is an app that runs on mobile devices as well as on fixed computers that allow for (mass) generation of pdi codes and is able to interact with factory equipment. Another app is designed for logistics operations and provides easy to use functions that are typical in the different phases of the supply chain. There is also an app for the consumer that is designed for frictionless computing as end users expect their favourite apps to work. 

Features and functions

The main features of the IdeAtics pdi platform are:

  • Account management
  • Product Management
  • pdi Management
  • Integration Management
  • Data Management

Blockchain ready

The IdeAtics pdi Platform is ready for integration with several blockchain platforms and providers, such as the open source based hyperledger. The blockchain capabilities contribute to the security and authenticity of the transactions in the virtual world and consequently for the products in the physical world.