SmartiX is the Smart Packaging Platform by Bunzl. A multi national company with its headquarters in the UK. They are a focused and successful specialist in international distribution and services Group with operations across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Bunzl supports businesses all over the world with a variety of products that are essential for their customers in the successful operation of their businesses. Want to know more? See here the website.

Digital product lifecycle

The SmartiX offering by Bunzl helps e-tailers to shape digital packaging, providing each parcel a unique identity that supports identifying the authenticity of the shipment. For that the parcel is produced with a NFC based tag. During that process the Public Digital Identity link is generated by the SmartiX Platform and coded in the NFC chip, and then locked.

Because the parcel can now be read by any mobile device with NFC reading capabilities, which is each modern iOS, Android and Windows device, the parcel can be shipped via any supplychain, while the e-tailer maintains full visibility, that can be offered to the client as well. Both the app as well as the browser on any NFC device are securely connected to the platform and are set up so flexible that a broad set of supply chain transactions are supported.

At the point of delivery with the end-user, the consumer, the public digital identity provides the consumer a digital channel to interact with the e-tailer. In that way the receipt process is supported including the financial transactions. Also the return process is provided in a frictionless manner. Via links to social media the consumers can share their experiences, as well as having access to the webshops for (direct) cross- and upsell.

Benefits for...

… the consumer 

  • Life detailed Track & trace delivery information.
  • Digitally enhance the ‘’experience’’ receiving a parcel.
  • Quick, errorless payment option for After-pay shipment.
  • Easy activation and execution of the return process.
  • No hassle of pre-install the native/webapp needed.
  • Product information (view manuals, etc).
  • Fun to share your experience (post product review).
  • Launch customer-service webchat.

…the e-retailer 

  • Deliver unique delivery experience to customer; enhancing loyalty.
  • More efficient fulfilment of product return order 25%-45% of parcels being returned.
  • Faster payment period with integrated wallet e.g. Netherlands 39% of eCommerce is “After Pay” based.
  • Deeper customer intimacy through personalized engagement
    • Auto install eRetailer App through NFC Smart-URL.
    • Additional cross- and upsell possibilities.
  • End2end shipment visibility incl. proof of delivery at the right person.


  • Differentiated offering to business customers, e-tailers.
  • Transform a traditional physical product (packaging) to the digital world, taking benefits of modern digital business opportunities.
  • Shifting from a product vendor to a services partner, with a higher value-add position.

Powered by IdeAtics pdi Platform

The Bunzl SmartiX platform is powered by the IdeAtics pdi Platform as well as the app and browser based functionalities for mobile devices with NFC capabilities on iOS and Android. The IdeAtics suite of solutions provided to Bunzl as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, that is able to scale up wit business growth and does not require up front investments. IdeAtics consults Bunzl on an ongoing basis to further develop functionalities and capabilities to further digitally transform the supply chain of e-tailers and increase the customer experience.