What is the difference between QR and NFC?

Both QR as well as NFC are able to store an URL/URI (Uniform Resource Location or Identifier). With this Public Domain Identity (pdi) the IdeAtics pdi Platform is able to operate. The big difference between the two is the price and the so called ‘line of sight’.

For lower value products, the QR code can be printed on a label (or the product itself) at a low cost. Therefore the design of the product is impacted and for the user it means that a camera of the mobile device needs to be directed to the QR code in order to be able to read.

For higher value goods, where the design of the products should not be impacted, the NFC tags can be embedded in the ‘mother’ material of the product. This way it is harder to remove the identity from the product. And secondly the product can be identified by approximately 10 cm. distance, rather than the earlier mentioned ‘line of sight’.

It is important to evaluate the design and functional criteria when making decisions on creating digital identities. 

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